Rheinpark Shopping Mall St. Margrethen
Mall architecture

The Rheinpark shopping mall is situated close to the St. Margrethen highway exit. During renovation and extension of the center, which dates from the 1970s, the mall underwent a major facelift. The main focus of this is an elliptical inner courtyard, which provides a connecting link between all the levels and is roofed with a domed skylight, likewise elliptical. The escalators that provide the main means of access to higher levels are located below the skylight. The retail outlets that comprise the shopping center are arranged around the courtyard, stretching along the rectangular mall.

The mall’s atmosphere is characterized by an inviting mix of natural and artificial lighting, the light yellow tone of the flooring and the transparent roof matrix. The stairwell and lift core are particularly noteworthy. The combination of colors, as well as the natural and artificial lighting, give the center its distinctive character.

Completion 2009